Savannah’s Spring Bridal Session | GlenCairn Garden Rock Hill SC

Bride in azaleas

The azaleas always make such a beautiful backdrop for a Bridal Portrait Session. The weather this Spring was a little crazy and we lost several of our azalea blooms in the area but we had just enough to use for … Continue reading

Equestrian Themed “Trash The Dress” Session

The term “Trash The Dress” sounds a little harsh doesn’t it? Especially after you’ve invested thousands of dollars in that dress. Well let’s put it into perspective or maybe I should say let me give you our perspective. You’ve bought this amazing wedding gown. You had bridal portraits done and worried the whole time about getting the dress dirty. They are GORGEOUS but they are not as free spirited as you may have wanted them to be. The Wedding Day has come and gone and the dress gets shoved back into the bag or shipped off to the cleaners for preservation. Why not have some fun with it before that preservation stage.

Our former Bride Erica knew that she had another vision in mind for that dress. She’s an avid equestrian and horses have been a huge part of her life since she was a little girl. A “Trash The Dress” Session was exactly what Erica had in mind. It wasn’t that she wanted to ruin her dress, she just wanted to wear it, play in it, and not have to worry about getting anything on it. We suggested the ASC Greenway for a location for the shoot because of it’s horse friendly environment and many wonderful locations that fit the look and style of Erica’s vision. She brought her horse Kate from miles away by trailer, we spent 2 hours walking the ASC Greenway and photographing in many different locations and ending the session with a ride across the horizon in one of the prettiest sunsets we’ve seen all year. Now the dress will go to be cleaned and who knows what Erica’s next vision will be for that dress … maybe a christening gown?