Late Winter \ Early Spring Bridal Session | Ashley

For the Brides’ who are just now ordering their Wedding Gown and stressing because you won’t have your Gown until February or March, this post is for you. You can still have fun and get great images even if there aren’t any leaves on the trees. This Bridal Portrait Session was photographed on April 4th. Ashley must have thought I was crazy when I asked her to come out into a wooded area behind their home to create her portraits but she said she was up for anything so away we went. Yes it required off camera lighting, light modifiers, reflectors and all the gear but well worth the effort to create these. We started inside with her son and her flower girl then headed outside through the woods and eventually ended up at the back of their property on an old stone fireplace. ” Ashley I think you would have looked great anywhere I photographed you but I’m really glad we chose the trees…thanks for trusting my vision.”   Photography by: Shirley Wedra Owner and Lead Photographer at Fort Mill Photography


Oh How Time Flies

When you think back about that first year of your child’s life, it seems like a blur. It feels like little Arden was just born yesterday but as you can see she’s quickly approaching that first Birthday already.  Arden’s Mom takes lots of photographs of her in between the times that we do professional photos so she knows just how important it is to capture those little moments that quickly pass. I think it’s cute that Arden has her own personal clothing designer (her Grandmother) who makes such adorable outfits for all of our shoots. Capture these special times in their lives folks. It’s literally gone in a flash.

Fort Mill Photography’s Owner and Lead Photographer Shirley Wedra wins 1st and 2nd place in the South Carolina Association of Wedding Photographers Contest.

Being a wedding photographer is a challenge for sure. It’s a challenge that many photographer friends of mine want nothing to do with because they can’t have enough time with the client, the lighting is challenging, it’s too high pressure to produce etc. etc. etc.

Personally I love the challenge of doing my absolute best to walk away with great images under adverse conditions. I love the fast paced environment, the different locations it takes me, working in all different types of lighting situations and capturing a moment that the client didn’t get to see from your perspective or your artistic viewpoint.

I don’t enter many competitions with my work but there is one that I enjoy being a part of. It’s a wonderful learning experience with other extremely talented photographers who know all the rules about photography and are not afraid to break them to create a great image. This organization is the South Carolina Association of Wedding Photographers.

I am very excited to announce that this year I walked away winning entries in 2 out of 7 categories. I won 1st place in Getting Ready and 2nd place in Bridal or Groom Portrait. Both of these images created on the wedding day in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, which is my favorite place to be.

Buttons and Lace

1st Place Getting Ready © Fort Mill Photography

2nd Place Bride or Groom Portrait

2nd Place Bride or Groom Portrait © Fort Mill Photography

1950’s Inspired Maternity Session

This shoot was so much FUN! This is a real client (also one of our associate photographers “Laura”) in her own retro styled kitchen. No stylists, no models, no set designers, just a lot of forethought put into this before the shoot. Laura and I shared a Pinterest board  before the shoot to collaborate ideas and feeback. Laura had hair and makeup done that morning in the 50’s pin up style and then she put on that swanky little polka dot dress that fit her and this scene to a T. From there we lit the scene, played, laughed and created some really great images.

Then it was time to take advantage of those pretty Carolina Blue skies with an original Pram baby carriage that was found while cleaning out her husband’s grand parent’s house. It had been her mother-in-law’s carriage when she was a baby “in the 50’s”. It was just perfect against that gorgeous Winter sky.

Finished off the shoot with a couple more shots at the old courthouse in downtown Monroe and called it a day. By then “Little Momma” needed a break from those hot little red pumps.

Hair Design by: Tammy Walden of Strandz Hair Studio, Monroe NC

Makeup by: Kris Singleton, Independent Mary Kay Consultant, Monroe NC

Photography by: Shirley Wedra, lead photographer at Fort Mill Photography

Charlotte Bridal Portrait Session | Mary Catherine

We just photographed our last wedding of the year with Mary Catherine and Ben so now we can finally share those gorgeous Bridal Portraits we did with Mary Catherine in uptown Charlotte this Fall. We took advantage of the beautiful surroundings by Saint Peters Catholic Church, Tryon Street and a couple of shots at the new Romare-Bearden park. We are in love with the new lace gowns this year and you have to admit that this bride wears it so well.


Wedding Gown: Mecklenburg Bridal

Hair: Honor

Makeup: Simply Beautiful

Photographer: Shirley Wedra owner/lead photographer at Fort Mill Photography

Riverwalk Engagement Session | Jessica and Alex

We are especially fortunate in this area to have a place like Riverwalk Carolinas to be able to enjoy. The scenery is gorgeous in the Fall and it’s the perfect location for a Fall engagement session. We had a great time photographing Jessica and Alex here. We played right up until sunset and ended with a little silhouette between the trees. Below are a just a few of our favorites from the session. Enjoy!