About the lady behind the lens:
Thanks for stopping by to learn more about our studio.
I’m Shirley Wedra, the Owner and Lead Photographer at Fort Mill Photography. This is my full time business. I take it very seriously and I enjoy it immensely.

Being a wedding photographer is a challenge for sure. There are time constraints, lighting challenges and a huge amount of pressure and oftentimes only one chance to “get it right”.
Personally I love the challenge of doing my absolute best to walk away great images under adverse conditions. I love the fast paced environment, the different locations it takes me, working in all different types of lighting situations and capturing a moment that the client didn’t get to see from your perspective or your artistic viewpoint. I also value the friendships that are formed and all the wonderful people I meet along the way. I enjoy getting to watch my clients start families and photograph those milestones for them along the way. I’m extremely blessed to be able to have a career where I absolutely LOVE what I do.
I certainly can’t do it all on my own though. I have a couple of very talented photographers who work with me on a permanent part time basis for all of our weddings . I love their personalities and I’m in awe of their talent and dedication to my clients. I am a very lucky lady to have them as part of my team.

The Business:
2015 marks the 12th year in business for Fort Mill Photography. In 2013 the studio decided to take a more personalized approach. We transitioned from a commercial storefront of 10 years to a home based studio customized to create a more relaxed and personal experience for our clients. Our philosophy with our clients has always been to foster a relaxed environment where they can be themselves, offer professional guidance where needed and most importantly, act like a true professional that they can trust. Making sure our clients utilize the talent and experience of our photographers has always been and continues to be the goal at every portrait, wedding or event we photograph. With well over 300 weddings and numerous portrait sessions photographed since 2003 that approach has worked to make Fort Mill Photography one of the most well-respected photography studios in the area. We are humbled when we say we couldn’t be more proud of the extraordinary reputation that our studio has achieved in the past 12 years.
Our home office is located in Fort Mill, just 10 minutes from Ballantyne and 20 minutes from Charlotte.

Business Information:
Shirley Wedra Owner/Lead Photographer of Fort Mill Photography
Studio Phone: 803-548-9585
Email: info@fmpstudios.com
Website: http://www.fortmillphotography.com
Blog: https://fortmillphotography.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fortmillphotography

Hours of operation:
By appointment only.