Late Winter \ Early Spring Bridal Session | Ashley

For the Brides’ who are just now ordering their Wedding Gown and stressing because you won’t have your Gown until February or March, this post is for you. You can still have fun and get great images even if there aren’t any leaves on the trees. This Bridal Portrait Session was photographed on April 4th. Ashley must have thought I was crazy when I asked her to come out into a wooded area behind their home to create her portraits but she said she was up for anything so away we went. Yes it required off camera lighting, light modifiers, reflectors and all the gear but well worth the effort to create these. We started inside with her son and her flower girl then headed outside through the woods and eventually ended up at the back of their property on an old stone fireplace. ” Ashley I think you would have looked great anywhere I photographed you but I’m really glad we chose the trees…thanks for trusting my vision.”   Photography by: Shirley Wedra Owner and Lead Photographer at Fort Mill Photography



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