1950’s Inspired Maternity Session

This shoot was so much FUN! This is a real client (also one of our associate photographers “Laura”) in her own retro styled kitchen. No stylists, no models, no set designers, just a lot of forethought put into this before the shoot. Laura and I shared a Pinterest board  before the shoot to collaborate ideas and feeback. Laura had hair and makeup done that morning in the 50’s pin up style and then she put on that swanky little polka dot dress that fit her and this scene to a T. From there we lit the scene, played, laughed and created some really great images.

Then it was time to take advantage of those pretty Carolina Blue skies with an original Pram baby carriage that was found while cleaning out her husband’s grand parent’s house. It had been her mother-in-law’s carriage when she was a baby “in the 50’s”. It was just perfect against that gorgeous Winter sky.

Finished off the shoot with a couple more shots at the old courthouse in downtown Monroe and called it a day. By then “Little Momma” needed a break from those hot little red pumps.

Hair Design by: Tammy Walden of Strandz Hair Studio, Monroe NC

Makeup by: Kris Singleton, Independent Mary Kay Consultant, Monroe NC

Photography by: Shirley Wedra, lead photographer at Fort Mill Photography


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