Jia wins many titles after updating her portfolio with Fort Mill Photography

Jia was preparing to compete in several beauty pageants across the United States and needed to have her portfolio updated. Jia’s Mom knew that her little girl’s features were changing and it was important to keep her portfolios updated and current. She also wanted to work with a local studio that could provide a warm and friendly environment to capture her daughter’s true personality. Having digital files was also very important because Jia would compete with a scrapbook made of her best photos from the shoot.

Jia won several titles this year; the ones listed below were directly related to the portfolio photos taken at our studio.

*Supermodel with Style Award (photogenic/ scrapbook and modeling) plus Photogenic at the Miss New England in CT (www.coutopageants.com). She was also featured on a full page in the Supermodels Unlimited magazine.

*Miss New England Gold Queen (photogenic and scrapbook).
*South Carolina Cinderella Overall Tot

*Overall Photogenic

*Wee Miss Fort Mill and Wee Miss Fort Mill Photogenic with our photos this past September!

Jia’s family has also created a local pageant in the area that we have provided a link for. They are great people with high standards and they aspire to promote self-confidence and self-esteem for individuals of all ages, which in our opinion is a great philosophy. The website is www.shiningcrowns.com

Scrapbook Photos for Competition

Fort Mill Photography is an excellent resource for model or pageant photography. We also provide onsite photography and printing at pageants and events.


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