An Almost Magical Experience

While on a recent trip to Maine to visit Shirley’s brother Denny, we thought it would be a cool idea to go sight seeing for Moose as we frequently do when up at camp in Geeenville, Maine. But it wasn’t the right time of year ( middle of February ) so we decided to go for some Deer sightings instead. Little did we know what was about to unfold would become a once in a lifetime experience. While traveling the back roads, we came upon several deer resting in the woods just off the side of the road. We quickly cut up some apples, tossed them out the car window and retreated back down the road about 100 yards, turned off the car and waited to see if they would come out to feed so we could grab some photos. First one came over the snow bank, then two, then three. Then three more for a total of six. They finished eating and then looked up to see what we were up to. We quickly cut up some more apples and tossed them just outside the car window. While thinking that there was no way that they would come any closer, one brave sole wandered down to the car to get some more apples. The rest soon followed and before we knew it, Shirley was hand feeding wild deer from the northern woods of Maine through the car window and I was taking pictures as fast as I could as I knew there was no way anyone would believe what had just happened. Denny who has lived and  hunted that area for his entire life was in the car with us, saw the whole thing first hand and still doesn’t believe it. We went back the next day to see if we could recreate the experience. We were able to locate a few of the same deer but they would have nothing to do with us this day proving that this was truly a once in a lifetime experience.


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